Free Contact Lens Samples

Free Trial Contact Lenses By Mail

Contact lenses have been hailed as one of the best solutions for eye problems that people normally suffer from. They eliminate the need to wear unsightly eye wear, reduce the cost of servicing and repairing or replacing regular eye glasses as well as provide an alternative to individuals suffering various eye conditions. Modern contacts come in a variety of colors that can reflect of the eyes off the wearer.

There are always new designs, trials, tests and experiments in the offing in the continued desire to improve and better the current contact lens technology. New and better contacts are bound to improve the quality of life and health that persons with visual problems endure everyday.

Every time there are new developments in the contact lens industry, volunteers will be needed to try out the new designs. That’s where you come in… get some free samples of contact lenses and try them out for yourself!

Why Get These Samples / Trials?

Contact lens trials are important as they provide useful information regarding the functionality, comfort and long term effect of the lenses to the wearers. Trials provide regular people to participate in an exercise aimed at improving the welfare of millions of eye sufferers and provide them with a better standard and quality of life. This is why regular people are invited to volunteer and participate in trials of new contact lenses.

How to Get Free Samples of Contact Lenses

Manufacturers are now providing eye patients with free trial contact lenses by mail.

How this works is simple. An eye patient will visit their eye health practitioner and request a trial pair. The eye health professional, together with the lens manufacturer will organize this process so that patients get these trial eye lenses for free through the mail. The manufacturer will be glad to ship lenses to patients that wish to participate in the trial. Their aim is to get their name out among customers.

Participants in these trials will need to have an existing contact lens prescription. The prescription will need to be current and should be submitted to the providers or relevant body together with the application. When these are mailed out, the applicant will receive free trial contact lenses by mail.

Contact Lenses by Mail

Other people who wish to get free contact lens samples but do not have eye problems will need to get checked by an optometrist and have their eye power determined. They can then send in an application for contact lenses that have no magnifying power but can perform other functions such as change their eye color. Participating in this free trial contact lenses by mail program is quite important as it helps advance the treatment options for patients suffering from various eye conditions.

For the Cheap Seats – How to Get Them

Let’s review the process to get free samples of colored contact lenses just so that it’s clear to everyone:

  1. Go to the websites of companies that manufacture contact lenses.
  2. Look for their links and forms for free trial contact lenses.
  3. Fill out the form and follow their instructions. Print out the information they tell you to.
  4. If you do not have a current contact lens prescription (must be within 1 year of the date on it), then go see your local eye doctor and bring the forms or certificates you printed out. You doctor will order your sample contacts or they may have some available at their office.
  5. If you have a current prescription, then submit your prescription information to the lens company or else take what you’re printed to the eye doctor that gave you the exam and they will order them for you.
  6. They will arrive shortly and try each pair and see how they work for you.

Your goal is to try different brands and styles of lenses to see which ones you like the best. Once you decide on which brand and type works the best for you, you can order that brand from then on.

Why Are These Offers Available?

First, yes – there may be new kinds of lenses coming out and they need testing. That’s one reason. Second, lens manufacturers want you to try their product. The best way they can do this is to simply hand them out for free. You get to try before you buy, so you win! The really great thing (besides them being free) is that you get to try many brands and see how they work. You can then choose the best brand / the one you like the best and then eventually order those when you want to keep wearing contact lenses.